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ZStack for Managed Services

Many leading telecommunication companies in China have built their private cloud platform based on ZStack,
helping them protect their existing servers and IT investments.
tiangcheng Technology

Featured Managed Services Provider utilising ZStack

Tiancheng build their tzyun public cloud based on a ZStack solution.

Cloud platform launch cycle is now extremely short, being completed in a few days saving time, cost and labour.

Platform stability has been comprehensively improved.

Cost Efficiency

ZStack integrated Cloud platforms offer efficient utilzation of server resources by concentrating hardware resources, integrating the information system architecture and reduces unnecessary hardware expenses. This saves clients up to 90% in hardware costs.

With ZStack, the overall resource utilization rate is increased to more than 60%. Without ZStack, it is 10% to 15%.

In addition, ZStack delivers a substantial cost reduction of up to 50% when compared with other private cloud solutions such as VMware.

Cost Efficiency

Rich function APIs & Automated Operations

Rich function APIs & Automated Operations

ZStack simplifies the maintenance of basic resources through operation and maintenance. This assists in realising the full-process of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, effectively improving the overal officiency of the environment.

It provides restful APIs that covers the functions of private cloud platforms. In addition, provides SQL-like query APIs to query all resources with millions of combined conditions.

Seamless Scalability

Alibaba Cloud ZStack boasts the ability to seamlessly upgrade software. This enables upgrades and updates of features and at the same time, keeping production environment uninterrupted.

This feature enables a smooth one-click upgrade in 5 minutes.

Seamless Upgrade

High Performance

High Performance

Cloud computing technology allows end-user operations to become simple and data resource search time is greatly reduced. The same search use case increases the search performance by more than 10 times.

The distributed system using cloud computing offers 11 times more reduction in the retrieval of data compared to traditional business systems.

ZStack can also deploy hundreds of VMs in a few minutes, which equates to a substantial performance increase of 200% compared to competitors.