Supermicro, A+ Server 4124GQ-TNMI, 4U GPU system, AMD Instinct MI250, Infinity Fabric Link, high-performance computing, AI, deep learning, ECC DDR4, NVMe, Titanium Level Power Supplies Experience unparalleled performance with Supermicro A+ Server 4124GQ-TNMI, a 4U dual processor GPU system. Powered by AMD Instinct™ MI250 OAM Accelerators and Infinity Fabric™ Link GPU-GPU Interconnect, it's the future of high-performance computing.

Supermicro A+ Server 4124GQ-TNMI: The Future of High-Performance Computing

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Manufacturer : SUPERMICRO Server

Introducing the Supermicro A+ Server 4124GQ-TNMI, a universal 4U dual processor GPU system designed for the most demanding tasks. Powered by AMD Instinct™ MI250 OAM Accelerators and the revolutionary Infinity Fabric™ Link GPU-GPU Interconnect, this server promises unparalleled performance and efficiency.

Key Features:

  • High-Performance Computing & AI/Deep Learning Ready: Whether you're into advanced scientific simulations or pushing the boundaries of AI, this server is built for you.
  • AMD Instinct™ MI200 Series Accelerators: Experience the power of AMD Infinity™ Fabric™ GPU-GPU Interconnect and a 1:1 GPU-to-NIC ratio.
  • Massive Memory: With support for up to 8TB Registered ECC DDR4 3200MHz SDRAM in 32 DIMMs, you'll never run out of memory.
  • Storage & Expansion: Comes with 10 hot-swap 2.5" U.2 NVMe/SATA/SAS hybrid drive bays and multiple PCI-E slots for all your expansion needs.
  • Cooling & Power: Equipped with 5 hot-swap heavy-duty cooling fans and redundant 3000W Titanium Level Power Supplies to ensure your server runs cool and efficient.

Specifications Snapshot:
  • Dual AMD EPYC™ 7003 Series Processors with up to 128 cores.
  • AMD Instinct™ MI250 OAM Accelerator with PCI-E 4.0 x16 CPU-to-GPU Interconnect.
  • 32 DIMM slots supporting up to 8TB 3DS ECC DDR4-3200MH RDIMM/LRDIMM.
  • 10 hot-swap 2.5" U.2 NVMe/SATA/SAS hybrid drive bays.
  • 5 x hot-swap 11.5K RPM heavy-duty fans.
  • 4x 3000W Redundant Titanium Level Power Supplies.

Note: To ensure the highest quality and performance, this product is sold only as a completely-assembled system. This includes fully-populated universal baseboard GPUs, a minimum of 2 CPUs, a minimum of 512GB Memory, 1 storage device, and 1 NIC included in the IO board.

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Key Features

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The AMD EPYC 7003 series is designed to elevate business productivity and faster performance across a wide range of industry standard application. The AMD 7003 is built on the “Zen 3” core and AMD Infinity Architecture empowering cloud architects and system builders to unleash server performance without sacrificing manageability, power, or security on protecting important assets like data. This innovative design accelerates computation, faster access to data, and protection against security threats.

The AMD EPYC 7003 features:

  • 8 to 64 cores and 16 to 128 threads per socket
  • High Speed Chiplet Interconnect
  • Supports PCIe 4.0 which increases bandwidth and improve efficiency of workload performance.
  • Leadership Memory Bandwidth with 8 Memory Channels per Socket and peaking 410 GB/s DRAM Bandwidth
  • Leadership I/O Bandwidth with all 8 x16 Links PCIe Gen 4, 128 PCIe 4.0 Lanes in a single socket, 64GB/s bi-dir bandwidth per link and 512GB/s per socket.
  • AMD Infinity Guard

  • Dual

    Dual CPU Sockets

    Dual-socket systems are mainstream in data centres. Increased CPU cores and multithreading ultimately help build large scale-out systems and diversify applications for businesses and end users.
    AS-4124GQ-TNMI supports dual sockets processors which provides more cores and overall, more database tasks the system can handle. Dual processors are ideal for CPU intensive applications such as scientific applications, machine learning or deep learning, HPC, virtual machines and more.

    AMD Instinct MI250

    AMD Instinct MI250

    AS-4124GQ-TNMI supports the AMD Instinct MI250 accelerator, the world’s fastest HPC and AI data center accelerator. The accelerator is based on the AMD CDNA™ 2 architecture, delivering up to 362.1 TFLOPs of peak half-precision (FP16) performance and 128 GB of HBM2e memory. The MI250 is designed for HPC and AI workloads, such as climate modeling, vaccine research, and astrophysics.


    4U Form Factor

    AS-4124GQ-TNMI features a 4U Server form factor designed for extensive expansion slots such as multi-GPU systems. This solution can provide a higher level of graphics, performance, and I/O compatibility.

    8 TB

    Memory Capacity

    AS-4124GQ-TNMI can support up to 8 TB of RAM which ensures high storage capacity and improved server performance. With this capacity, the server can handle more Virtual Machines, distribute loads more effectively and allow businesses run more smoothly.


    2.5" NVMe Hot-Swap

    AS-4124GQ-TNMI is equipped with 2.5" NVMe hot-swappable drive bays which provides faster data transfer speeds when compared to SATA, in some cases up to five or six times faster than SATA-based technologies.

    Redundant Power

    Redundant Power Supply

    This system utilises a redundant power supply which refers to being powered by two or more physical power supplies. As a result, this improves system up-time as each power supply will have the capacity to run the system on its own if one were to fail.



    This System is equipped with NVMe drives that deliver the highest throughput and fastest response times for all types of workloads. It is a cutting-edge solution for accessing non-volatile storage media with reduced latency and overhead. NVMe will enhance your system performance, reliability, and efficiency.



    AS-4124GQ-TNMI is GPU optimised, which offloads the burden of demanding computational tasks from the CPU. This allows servers to manage intense computing, composed of multiple cores handling hundreds of threads-accelerating the application's speed dramatically over a CPU-only application. A GPU amplifies its bandwidth with cache memory, whereas a CPU uses cache to reduce memory access latency, costing a lot of dead-space. A GPU-Optimised server is best suited for processing complex algorithms and massive data set for computer science applications, virtualization, and engineering.

    All-Flash NVMe

    All-Flash NVMe

    AS-4124GQ-TNMI supports All-Flash NVMe array which delivers massive speed and performance benefits through significantly faster memory read-write and access times. This is ideal for real-time use cases, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, advanced analytics, and DevOps.

    VMWare Compatible

    VMWare Compatible

    This system is highly compatible with VMware, a virtualization and cloud computing software that helps modernise your data centre for modern apps, multi-cloud, digital workspaces and even telco cloud. Discover more about VMware here.

    Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

    Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

    Artificial intelligence (AI) requires purpose-built servers to handle data-intensive workloads — From data preparation to refined training models. This system is highly capable of handling artificial intelligence and machine learning use case. Delivering great compute performance and capacity to train and deploy AI/ML workloads quicker.



    Optimised for of hyperscale/hyperconverged workloads, this system comes with necessary specifications to scale compute and storage independently or scale compute and storage together for your use case.

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