ASUS AMD based Servers, RS500A-E10-RS12U, Buy RS500A-E10-RS12U, Stock RS500A-E10-RS12U, RS500A-E10-RS12U Australia, ASUS-RS500A-E10-RS12U, ASUS - RS500A-E10-RS12U, RS500A-E10-RS12U The ASUS AMD based Servers Asus-RS500A-E10-RS12U is a 1U Rackmount Chassis that features Single AMD EPYC 7003/7002 series CPU, Max 2TB RAM, 12 2.5" Hot-swap Drive Bays, 1 PCI-E 4.0 x16 slot (FHHL), 1 PCI-E 4.0 x8 slot (FHHL), U.2/M.2 NVME, Redundant Power Supplies. Buy local in Australia, Fast Delivery & Reliable Service

Asus RS500A-E10-RS12U Australia

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SKU: RS500A-E10-RS12U
Manufacturer : ASUS server

The ASUS RS500A-E10-RS12U/RS500A-E10-RS12U is a 1U rack server powered by AMD EPYC 7003 and 7002 series processors supporting up to 4 SATA & SAS, 2 PCIe 4.0, dual LAN, OCP 2.0 Mezzanine card and ASUS control center.

This server is ideal for price sensitive applications and meets demanding computing requirements.

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Key Features

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The AMD EPYC 7003 series is designed to elevate business productivity and faster performance across a wide range of industry standard application. The AMD 7003 is built on the “Zen 3” core and AMD Infinity Architecture empowering cloud architects and system builders to unleash server performance without sacrificing manageability, power, or security on protecting important assets like data. This innovative design accelerates computation, faster access to data, and protection against security threats.

The AMD EPYC 7003 features:

  • 8 to 64 cores and 16 to 128 threads per socket
  • High Speed Chiplet Interconnect
  • Supports PCIe 4.0 which increases bandwidth and improve efficiency of workload performance.
  • Leadership Memory Bandwidth with 8 Memory Channels per Socket and peaking 410 GB/s DRAM Bandwidth
  • Leadership I/O Bandwidth with all 8 x16 Links PCIe Gen 4, 128 PCIe 4.0 Lanes in a single socket, 64GB/s bi-dir bandwidth per link and 512GB/s per socket.
  • AMD Infinity Guard

  • Single

    Single CPU Socket

    This is a single socket system, single-socket servers take advantage of the evolution in server processing technology and form factor. The 1-rack unit, single-socket server can provide the I/O and compute power necessary to handle data-intensive workloads, access software-defined storage, expand virtualization capabilities and maintain edge setups.
    Savings on software license fees, improved thermal properties of single-socket servers to limit power consumption and reduce energy costs are major benefits of using a single socket system.

    2 TB

    Memory Capacity

    Asus-RS500A-E10-RS12U can support up to 2TB of RAM which ensures high storage capacity and improved server performance. With this capacity, the server can handle more virtual machines, hardcore suite of apps, audio or video editing and everyday web browsing. This is a great choice to distribute the load effectively and have workstations run smoothly.


    1U Form Factor

    Asus-RS500A-E10-RS12U features a 1U Rack server form factor designed to maximise rackspace and improve scalability with lower power consumption and TCO. This server is ideal for basic entry-level applications to high performance work loads.


    2.5" SAS/SATA Hot Swap

    Asus-RS500A-E10-RS12U is equipped with either 2.5" SAS or SATA hot swappable drive options for easy to swap out hard drives upon failure, simple data transfer and backup using multiple hard drives, and ability to utilise more hard drives in fewer bays.


    2.5" NVMe

    Asus-RS500A-E10-RS12U is equipped with 2.5" NVMe drive bays which provides faster data transfer speeds when compared to SATA, in some cases up to five or six times faster than SATA-based technologies.

    Redundant Power

    Redundant Power Supply

    This system utilises a redundant power supply which refers to being powered by two or more physical power supplies. As a result, this improves system up-time as each power supply will have the capacity to run the system on its own if one were to fail.



    This System is equipped with NVMe drives that deliver the highest throughput and fastest response times for all types of workloads. It is a cutting-edge solution for accessing non-volatile storage media with reduced latency and overhead. NVMe will enhance your system performance, reliability, and efficiency.

    All-Flash NVMe

    All-Flash NVMe

    Asus-RS500A-E10-RS12U supports All-Flash NVMe array which delivers massive speed and performance benefits through significantly faster memory read-write and access times. This is ideal for real-time use cases, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, advanced analytics, and DevOps.

    VMWare Compatible

    VMWare Compatible

    This system is highly compatible with VMware, a virtualization and cloud computing software that helps modernise your data centre for modern apps, multi-cloud, digital workspaces and even telco cloud. Discover more about VMware here.

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