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Seagate Exos E 4U106 JBOD Australia

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SKU: Seagate-4U-106-12G-SAS -EBOD-JBOD-Enclosure
Manufacturer : Seagate Exos

Seagate Exos E 4U106 is the datasphere’s largest building block delivering industry-first capacity and density without sacrificing data access speed.
Key Specs

  • Management Interface: 2 x 1 GbE
  • Total EBOD Chassis: Up to 4
  • SAS Controllers (Exos E IOM): 4U106 JBOD IOM, up to 36 GB/s throughput
  • Host I/O Interface (defined by controller): Four x4 12 Gb/s mini-SAS HD connectors (SFF-8644) per I/O module
  • Build Exabyte-Scale Data Centres Fast.
    Increase the amount of data that fits in a 4U rack by leveraging up to 106 of our high-capacity hard drives or solid-state drives in a single enclosure that holds an unprecedented capacity of business intelligence. With an overall maximum bandwidth of 36 GB/s, you can access mission-critical and archival data with lightning speed.
  • Deliver Versatile Architecture Built to Grow.
    This flexible enclosure includes support and capabilities to manage cables, universal ports, self-configuration controls, and standardised zoning. As the largest building block of our modular systems — which make all critical components interchangeable regardless of size or budget — this platform sets the new standard for data centre solutions with extremely high density and capacity, all with noteworthy reliability and performance.
  • Easy to Set Up, Maintain, and Expand.
    This system’s user-focused design reduces support calls and minimises system downtime. Its modularity makes it first-in-class for reliability, easy setup, maintenance, and expansion via hot-swappable expanders and dual data paths, as well as redundant I/O modules, fans and power supplies. Additionally, this system features toolless drive carriers that allow an administrator to snap drives into the 106 bays in seconds.
  • Reduce Cost and Resources With Energy-Efficient Features.
    This enclosure is suited for high data retention requirements that are expected to grow. Innovative drive placement maximises airflow and minimises power consumption, while unique performance, efficiency, and scalability features provide an exceptionally low TCO.
  • Build In Security at the Foundation of the Data Life Cycle.
    Protect your most valuable business assets with Seagate Secure™ cybersecurity features.

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    Key Features

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    3.5" SAS/SATA Hot Swap

    Seagate-4U106-12G-SAS-EBOD-JBOD-Enclosure is equipped with either 3.5" SAS or SATA hot swappable drive options for easy to swap out hard drives upon failure, simple data transfer and backup using multiple hard drives, and ability to utilise more hard drives in fewer bays.


    4U Form Factor

    Seagate-4U106-12G-SAS-EBOD-JBOD-Enclosure features a 4U Server form factor designed for extensive expansion slots such as multi-GPU systems. This solution can provide a higher level of graphics, performance, and I/O compatibility.

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