seagate, exos, x, 5u84, data storage, high-performance, high-reliability, data protection, data availability, data center, sustainable, scalable Seagate Exos X 5U84 is a high-performance data storage solution that delivers up to 2.5PB capacity, five-nines availability, hyperscale efficiencies, and self-healing technology.

Seagate Exos X 5U84: The High-Performance Data Storage Solution

Are you looking for a data storage solution that can handle large amounts of data with speed, reliability, scalability, and efficiency? Do you want to optimize your data center’s performance, availability, and sustainability? If yes, then you need the Seagate Exos X 5U84, the high-performance data storage solution that delivers up to 2.5PB capacity, five-nines availability, and hyperscale efficiencies.

What is Seagate Exos X 5U84?

The Seagate Exos X 5U84 is a block storage system that supports up to 84 drives in a single 5U enclosure with high availability and superior sequential read and write throughput. You can easily expand to accommodate data growth by connecting up to four Exos X 5U84 systems together for a total of 336 drive slots.

The Seagate Exos X 5U84 is powered by Seagate’s new ASIC-based VelosCT™ controller architecture, which delivers extremely high-performance and high reliability. It also features Seagate’s innovative data protection technologies, such as Autonomic Distributed Allocation Protection Technology (ADAPT) and Autonomous Drive Regeneration (ADR), which protect your data from drive failures, reduce downtime, and minimize e-waste by renewing errant drives on demand.

What are the benefits of Seagate Exos X 5U84?

With the Seagate Exos X 5U84, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Superior data availability: The Seagate Exos X 5U84 provides five-nines data availability, durability, and performance needed to promote reliable data storage. It also protects your data via Seagate ADAPT erasure coding, which enables rapid rebuilds, storage efficiency, improved sustainability, and reduced downtime.
  • Optimized data center: The Seagate Exos X 5U84 enhances data availability, durability, and sustainability while reducing its carbon footprint, e-waste, and TCO. It supports sustainable data center architectures that consume less host CPU, RAM, and networking resources by up to 50%, which slashes CO² footprints and operational costs. It also enables rapid deployment, streamlined data management, and reduced human intervention, which simplifies your data center operations.

  • How to get Seagate Exos X 5U84?

    If you are interested in getting the Seagate Exos X 5U84, you can contact one of our experts to assess your storage needs and provide you with the best solution. You can also check out our data sheet for more technical details and specifications. You can also watch our video to see how the Seagate Exos X 5U84 works and discover how it can help you harness up to 2.5PB capacity, five-nines reliability, andhyperscale efficiency technology.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to get the high-performance data storage solution with the Seagate Exos X 5U84. Contact us today and let us help you optimize your data center with the the high-density data storage system that delivers up to 2.5PB capacity, five-nines availability, and hyperscale efficiencies technology.

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