Nytro x 2u24, where can I buy nytro x, where to buy nytro x 2u24, nytro x Australia, nytro x 2u24 Australia DiGiCOR Australia Seagate Nytro X Series. Explore Seagate Nytro X all-flash array system that provides super high performance, quick data access and low latencies. DiGiCOR offers competitive pricing on Seagate systems, local to Australia.
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NYTRO X Series — All-Flash Array Australia 2020

Seagate Nytro X Series is optimized for critical workloads that demand significant performance at a starter price level.

This storage system is perfect for: Data center, virtualized workloads, heavy transaction, heavy streaming, and low-latency requirements
NYTRO X Series — All-Flash Array Australia