Supermicro nearline storage, Western Digital Nearline Storage, HP nearline storage, nearline storage pricing, private online storage Nearline Storage offers ultra low-cost, highly-durable, high availability archival storage. They are often used for enterprise data you do not expect to access frequently usually a few times a month, but providing unparalleled speed. It is ideal for back-up and serving long-tail multimedia content storage solution
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DiGiCOR Nearline Storage Australia 2020

DiGiCOR Nearline Storage is an ultra low-cost, highly-durable and high availability archival storage solution for businesses. The exceptional storage system is an ideal solution for back-up and long-tail multimedia content storage at unparalleled speeds. If cost-performance ratio is your main priority, this is the perfect system for you.

We offer Aussie businesses with only the best storage systems to fit their data-driven objectives.
DiGiCOR Nearline Storage Australia