TrueNAS, Mini, X+, NAS, storage, OpenZFS, CORE, SCALE, 10GbE, RAID, backup, stream, plugin, VM, container TrueNAS Mini X+ is a compact, powerful, and versatile NAS solution that can handle any workload. It features an octa-core Intel CPU, 32 GB ECC RAM, dual 10GbE ports, and up to 85 TB of storage.

TrueNAS Mini-X+: The Ultimate Compact NAS for Power Users

If you are looking for a compact, powerful, and versatile NAS solution that can handle any workload, look no further than the TrueNAS Mini-X+. This mini-but-mighty NAS features an octa-core Intel CPU, 32 GB ECC RAM, and dual 10GbE ports for blazing-fast performance. Whether you need to store, share, backup, stream, or process your data, the TrueNAS Mini-X+ can do it all.

Key Features

  • 7 hot-swappable bays: The TrueNAS Mini-X+ has five 3.5 inch and two 2.5 inch hot-swappable bays, allowing you to customize your storage capacity and configuration. You can choose from a variety of RAID layouts and caching options to optimize your performance and data protection.
  • Up to 85 TB of storage: The TrueNAS Mini-X+ supports up to 85 TB of raw storage capacity, using up to 14 TB hard drives. You can also expand your storage with external USB drives or network-attached devices.
  • Enterprise-grade OpenZFS file system: The TrueNAS Mini-X+ runs on the same enterprise-grade OpenZFS file system that powers the TrueNAS Enterprise storage systems. OpenZFS provides advanced features such as built-in RAID, snapshots, encryption, deduplication, compression, and bitrot detection, ensuring the integrity and security of your data.
  • TrueNAS CORE or SCALE operating system: The TrueNAS Mini-X+ can run either TrueNAS CORE or TrueNAS SCALE, two open source and feature-rich operating systems that offer a user-friendly web interface, plugin and VM support, cloud sync, and more. You can choose the operating system that best suits your needs and preferences. ( Help Me Choose )
  • Quiet and energy-efficient design: The TrueNAS Mini-X+ has a compact (13.5L) and quiet design that can fit in any home or office environment. It also consumes less power than most desktop PCs, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution.

  • Why Choose TrueNAS Mini-X+?
    The TrueNAS Mini-X+ is the perfect NAS for power users who need a reliable, fast, and flexible storage solution that can handle any workload. Whether you are a prosumer, a small business owner, a developer, a media enthusiast, or a hobbyist, the TrueNAS Mini-X+ can meet and exceed your expectations. With the TrueNAS Mini-X+, you can:
  • Store and share your files, photos, videos, music, and documents across multiple devices and platforms, using various file and block protocols.
  • Backup and sync your data to local, remote, or cloud destinations, using built-in tools or third-party applications.
  • Stream your media to smart TVs, game consoles, mobile devices, or media players, using popular services like Plex, Emby, or Jellyfin.
  • Run plugins, VMs, or containers to extend the functionality of your NAS, such as hosting your own cloud, mail, or web server, managing your smart home devices, or running your favorite applications.
  • Process and distribute your data for various purposes, such as video editing, transcoding, surveillance, machine learning, or edge computing.

  • How to Order
    You can order the TrueNAS Mini-X+ from our online store, or you can also contact our sales team for any questions or custom requests.

    Order your TrueNAS Mini-X+ today and enjoy the ultimate compact NAS experience!

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