TrueNAS-X20HA Australia


The sleek 2U design of the X-Series is designed to minimize rack space and power footprint to provide efficient performance and capacity for small to medium workloads. Despite its small size, a single TrueNAS X20 can support up to 1 PB of raw capacity in just 6U with HGST UltraStar drives. The supermicro motherboard can pair the best Open Source storage technology with enterprise-grade hardware offers best-in-class reliability. The OpenZFS file system is the last word in data protection with copy-on-write and bit-rot detection ensuring the integrity of your data from write to read. Dual controllers, ECC RAM and high availability options with strong power supplies ensure over 99.999% uptime so you can keep working even if a component fails. The X-Series was built for painless operation and maintenance with its modular, tool-less hardware design. Additional integrated enclosure management capabilities save time and effort by providing graphical visualization of the system in the UI, making it easy to monitor the state of your system from a single screen. The use of SAS expanders and expander backplane increased the flexibility of storage and data transit. Boot drives, NVMe drives, and HDD SSD can be installed in the available PCIe slots, and expansions slots. The TrueNAS core and Supermicro TrueNAS can provide high-performance storage for your business. The use of WD Red drives guarantees reliability and durability. Begin building the foundation of your scale-out, hyper-converged virtualization infrastructure with TrueNAS SCALE or use TrueNAS Enterprise for high-performance, ultra-reliable local HA storage. With the lowest total cost of ownership for enterprise storage, a self-hosted TrueNAS storage solution can save over 70% the cost of public cloud storage.

Key Features:

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