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You don’t want to miss our exciting, upcoming webinar: Responsive Memory. Accelerated Performance


Watch the recorded session:

September 18, 2020 @ 2:00 pm 3:00 pm UTC+10

Where: This is a digital event only – it will include presentations with a live Q&A session

DiGiCOR and Intel are collaborating to host the ‘Intel Optane Persistant Memory Webinar’ on the 18th of September, bringing together experts in this industry to drive dialogue around Intel Optane; its’ success stories in HPC, post-production and MSP markets, and how it improves workloads.
This event is free to attend and open to technical staff, system administrators and IT professionals.

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Do you know how Intel Optane can help your business? Are you looking for reduced latency?

Intel Optane might be what you’ve been searching for; enable memory-like latency and performance at storage-like capacity and cost. It has taken the no. 1 position on the Virtual Institute for I/O IO500 list for file system performance.

Memory and storage solutions have historically been limited by capacity, performance or cost. Intel Optane technology is not based on NAND but instead, it’s a whole new technology built on a unique architecture that allows memory cells to be individually addressed in a dense, transistor-less, stackable design.
Unlike traditional DRAM, Intel Optane DC persistent memory offers two important features to revolutionize memory and storage: persistence, which means data is retained even in the event of a power loss or restart, and high density—up to 512 GB per DIMM, which is double the maximum density of current DRAM DIMMs.

Intel Optane technology provides high random read/write performance, along with consistent, low latency that is ideal for demanding database applications that require frequent, high-speed caching, logging, or journaling. Businesses can take advantage of this benefit by deploying Intel Optane DC SSDs to accelerate caching, as an alternative to using large quantities of costly, limited-capacity DRAM.

Accelerate performance with up to 2.1x more responsiveness for everyday tasks

Intel Optane DC SSDs enable an entirely new storage tier which brings data closer to the processor for fast caching or fast storage of hot and warm data. It offers high endurance and quality of service, which makes them a good for write-intensive uses, such as online transaction processing (OLTP), high performance computing (HPC), and data caching and logging.


20 Minute presentation by Dez Nguyen, Lead Systems Engineer at DiGiCor
– What is Intel Optane?
– How does it improve workloads?

20 Minute presentation by Peter Kerney, Senior Enterprise Solution Architect at Intel 
– Success stories
– Why Intel Optane can help everyone

Following the seminar there will be a 20 Minute Question and Answer Session


Dez Nguyen

Dez Nguyen is the lead Systems Engineer at DiGiCor.
Dez has been with Digicor for over 10 years and studied his bachelor’s in business information systems at Monash University. Dez’s expertise include managing a product portfolio as well as, working and liaising with customers to design customised, novel solutions and drive innovation within their business.

Peter Kerney

Peter Kerney is a Senior Enterprise Solution Architect at Intel and has worked with Intel for 19 years.
Peter has managed the HPC business for Intel including customer identification, targets, market activities and opportunities. He has extensive experience in several market verticals including, HPC, Defence, Research, FSI, Health, teleco and many large enterprise customers.

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