About DiGiCOR, DiGiCOR information, DiGiCOR company information, About Supermicro New Zealand, Supermicro New Zealand DiGiCOR provide clients with reliable and expert IT resources from many of our leading partners to help meet their business objectives. We deliver locally in Australia and New Zealand to ensure high quality resources at an affordable price.


DiGiCOR was founded in 1997 with the focus of becoming a main player within Australia and New Zealand’s niche ICT Infrastructure market segment.

Our main focus is in providing server, data storage, workstation, networking, edge computing, and IOT solutions. From designing IT infrastructure to deployment of the solution we cover the whole journey for our customers.

We have been known traditionally to provide Supermicro servers, but in recent years we have expanded our partnership to include servers, storage, and workstation from Intel, Seagate, DDN, Western Digital, Chenbro, and ASUS which you can configure some of their products on our website.


Our Solutions

We offer a wide range of solutions that caters to the workload and expansive demands of all the different industries within Australia. Achieve your overall business goal and boost your competitiveness through Digicor solutions.

Our Partners

We partner with many world-wide industry-leading IT manufacturers, such as Supermicro, Intel, Seagate, ASUS and more, to provide businesses with the latest and innovative infrastructure technologies at a highly competitive price point.


  • ICT Infrastructure Technology
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Storage Solutions
  • Software Defined Storage
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • OpenStack Cloud Architectures
  • IT Support Services
  • Big Data Analytics


As a top trusted technology advisor, we utilise our valuable in-house and e-commerce platform to deliver the latest technologies and empower customers’ IT infrastructure capabilities with speed, cost competitiveness and high-quality services.

Our mission is to provide high-quality ICT infrastructure products and services to Australian and New Zealand businesses to contribute to their life-long values.

core values


  • Education providers and research centres
  • Software developers
  • Australia defence and defence contractors
  • Australian government, state governments, and local governments
  • Cyber security consultants
  • Security and surveillance companies
  • Mining and mining service companies
  • Many SMEs across Australia and New Zealand





DiGiCOR provides businesses with the ability to implement IT infrastructure to meet specific business operations.

Initially, our clients are able to browse and configure products or solutions on our website. Alternatively, you are able to contact us with any enquiries relative to ICT infrastructure through the phone, e-mail or our website’s live chat.

With any enquiry, we go through a process of providing our expertise from our team of highly technical and professional system engineers, sales and pre-sales representatives. This helps us provide the best possible solution tailored to your business.

When a client decides to go through with a transaction, all our solutions undergoes vigorously testing within our HQ. This ensures high quality control and that the solution is working as intended. Furthermore, we pride ourselves with our local and timely delivery throughout the whole of Australia and New Zealand, reducing the overall downtime your company experiences.



From diverse to talented individuals, we hope to grow our team and company culture. Through empowering businesses and our employees, our pathways are expanding. Be a part of our journey today!