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Edge and AI Servers (MEC) that provide real time, high-bandwidth and low latency access to end users through open technology and modular architecture.

ADLINK helps build and deploy Edge AI solutions to connect people, places and things faster. We provide their leading-edge software, hardware and services of cutting-edge embedded computing and innovative technology to help you stay competitive.

With ADLINK Technology, we are able to enable The Internet of Things (IoT) with cutting-edge embedded computing solutions for edge devices, cloud solutions and intelligent gateways.

ADLINK’s products are application-ready and fit-for-purpose in the industrial automation, communications, medical, defence, transportation, and infotainment industries. With a broad product range covering: motherboards, blades, chassis, modules and systems based upon industry standards and innovations.

Many ADLINK products are supported by ‘Extreme Rugged’ technology, providing durability towards extended temperature ranges, shock and vibration.

ADLINK Edge Computing

At Digicor, we look to provide ADLINK’s leading EDGE, robust and reliable hardware and software solutions for your mission-critical business and technology challenges locally within Australia and New Zealand.

If you are looking for a customised ADLINK Solution, enquire with us and we can assist you in configuring and customising any of the ADLINK products.