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Seagate data storage solutions help to protect memories, business intelligence, communication records and so much more.

Seagate offers the most innovative and easily integrates storage services built on trust, affordability and performance. Our Seagate’s Enterprise storage systems are designed for demanding data center usage and feature enterprise-class capabilities as well as SAN (Storage area network).

Seagate systems offer redundant and scalable access of storage capacity to computers, servers and other end devices on a shared network. These systems when used for storage aera network applications are high-performing, reliable, scalable, resilient, and performant, with consistently high throughputs and low latencies.

Seagate systems are ideal for large data centers because it supports enterprise workloads and handles important Storage area network applications, such as: databases/management systems, server virtualization, business applications, virtual desktops infrastructure (VDIs), and development and testing.

Seagate systems are also a good choice for SAN architecture because it simplifies storage administration, adds flexibility, allows servers to boot from SAN itself and enables more effective disaster recovery processes.

Our Partnership with Seagate

Partnered with Seagate, we provide access to leading data storage products and system solutions for your wide range of data storage challenges. We assist businesses and enterprises of all sizes with the full range of Seagate hard drives such as highly demanded mission critical hard disk drives. Leverage our Seagate expertise from technical, product, presales and services support.

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Q & A

Seagate is an American based data storage company that started in 1979. Seagate data storage solutions help to protect memories, business intelligence, communication records and so much more. Seagate Technology PLC designs, manufactures, and markets hard disk drives for enterprise applications, client compute applications, client non-compute applications, personal data backup systems, portable external storage systems and digital media systems. The Company also provides data storage services for businesses, including online backup, data protection and recovery solutions.

At DiGiCOR you are able to purchase both Seagate systems and hard drives, depending on your needs. Buy Seagate Australia Storage Systems at DiGiCOR- Industry’s broadest selection of high-quality hardware for fully application optimised storage systems. Embedded/IoT and workstation solutions.

Seagate is dedicated to providing reliable solutions to their customers through breakthrough R&D and precision engineering. They are a company that cares about both the value of data and the impact it has on the human experience. They use collaboration with partnerships to bring unified value to customers beyond that of individual contributors. Seagate not only offers their customers reliable and quality products but establishes corporate social responsibility strategies. “To serve the changing needs of our customers, we are adding another route to market to sell branded data centre storage systems products through partners alongside our OEM business,” said Rags Srinivasan, Seagate senior director for Enterprise Marketing.

With Seagate’s modular approach to Exos and Nytro System design, all system components — the enclosure, the controller, the firmware, and the drives — are developed by our engineers to work together seamlessly. The design approach is cost-optimized, and also reduces support calls and eliminates technical learning curves. Modular architecture makes components interchangeable between systems, and upgrades are simple due to common FRUs, PCMs, controllers, and software. As a key building block of our modular systems — which make all critical components interchangeable regardless of size or budget — enclosures can be populated with our hard drives and SSDs to provide the right performance at the right price point. Modularity makes Seagate Exos and Nytro systems easy to set up, maintain, and expand via interchangeable FRUs and hot-swappable components, including the controller.

Use Cases & Solutions

  • Widest Range

    High Performance

    Seagate ensure that they are providing their customers with high performing solutions through the investment in breakthrough R&D and precision engineering. They are also cooperating with partners to provide their customers with solutions that go beyond an individual contribution.

  • High Performance

    Competitive Designs

    Seagate is a market leader that offers customers cutting edge solutions that are the leading high performers in the datasphere, whilst providing industry-first economics for the sake of low TCOs. Seagate also provides their customers with unprecedented features of limitless data growth.

  • Customised

    Options for Every Need

    Seagate has a solution for every need, whether you are looking for SSDs or HDDs or whether you are looking for high or low TBs there is a Seagate drive solution that will satisfy your needs. Regarding storage systems, whichever one chosen will be high performing, will possess good data management and fast processing times.

  • Most Optimised Designs

    High Quality

    All Seagate solutions are reliable and intelligent and offer consumers highly secured solutions that uphold the principles of social responsibility. The high quality nature of Seagate’s products provide not only current solutions but are built to withstand expansion.

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