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VMware Software forms a digital foundation that powers the apps, services and experiences transforming the world. It helps to streamline organisations delivering better experiences by optimising their operational needs from computing, cloud, network and security.

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VMware is a software provider providing virtualisation and cloud computing solutions. The company is based in Palo Alto, California and is a subsidiary of Dell Technologies.
Based on bare-metal hypervisor ESX/ESXi in x86 architecture, VMware server virtualization is installed on physical servers to allow for multiple virtual machines (VMs) to run on the same physical server. Each VM is able to run its own OS and shares physical server resources such as networking and RAM.

  • Enables businesses to get the most out of their hardware and resource investments by utilising flexibility.
  • Enables better resource management for businesses with the ability to run multiple applications and operation system workloads on one server.
  • When running VMware, installing and testing software will not affect your actual computer.

VMware Workstation is a series of Desktop Hypervisor products that allow users to run virtual machines. Containers and Kubernetes clusters.

VMware HCI kits are bundles that simplify the purchase of licenses for vSPhere and vSAN.
There are 5 data centre kits with per-CPU licensing and 2 remote office/branch office kits (ROBO) with per-VM licensing:

  • VMware HCI Kit Essentials (per-6 CPUs) includes vSphere Essentials Plus and vSAN Standard
  • VMware HCI Kit Standard (per-CPU) includes vSphere Standard and vSAN Standard
  • VMware HCI Kit Advanced (per-CPU) includes vSphere Enterprise Plus and vSAN Advanced
  • VMware HCI Kit Enterprise (per-CPU) that includes vSphere Enterprise Plus and vSAN Enterprise
  • VMware HCI Kit with Operations Management (per-CPU) that includes vSphere Enterprise Plus and vSAN Enterprise Plus
  • VMware HCI Kit ROBO Standard (per-25 VMs) that includes vSPhere ROBO Enterprise and vSAN ROBO Standard
  • VMware HCI Kit ROBO Advanced (per-25 VMs) that includes vSPhere ROBO Enterprise and vSAN ROBO Advanced

Virtualization and cloud computing are complementary solutions. Virtualization is a software that allows computing environments to be independent of physical infrastructures, whereas cloud computing is a service that provides shared computing resources (software/data) on demand via the Internet.
Organisations initially begin by virtualizing their servers, then moving towards cloud computing for greater agility and self-service.

VMware and Oracle are leaders in providing solutions for virtualization in the modern IT industry.
VMware is a desktop virtualization software platform placed upon a physical server that allows for multiple operating systems to run on a single server. In comparison, the VirtualBox is a software that installs virtual machines onto your physical system, capable of loading multiple operating systems.

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