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Power your computing environment for modern applications using any combination of virtual machines, containers and Kubernetes with VMware vSphere, the industry’s leading server virtualization software.

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VMware vSphere is an umbrella term for VMware’s server virtualisation platform product. It utilises various products and technologies such as ESXi, a Type 1 hypervisor, vCenter Server and a few other important features to provide a complete infrastructure for virtualization.

VMware vSphere works through two core components: ESXi and vCenter Server.
The virtualization platform, ESXi, is where virtual machines and virtual appliances are created and can be run.
vCenter Server is the service which allows for management of multiple hosts connected within a network and pool host resources.
This creates a solution that powers a computing environment for modern application through the use of any combination of VMs, containers and Kubernetes.

The VMware vSphere Hypervisor is a free, bare-metal solution for users, which allows for virtualizing servers and consolidating applications.
The hypervisor lacks some enterprise features of the full VMware ESXi such as vMotion, Storage vMotion, Distributed Resource Scheduler, vSphere Data protection and High Availability.

VMware vSphere transforms data centres into aggregated computing infrastructures with the use of CPU, storage and networking resources. The infrastructure is managed by vSphere as a unified operating environment, and provides tools that help administer the data centres used within the environment.

VMware vSphere provides unified management for containers and VMs by delivering developer-ready infrastructure, scalability without compromise, simplicity in operations and the ability to boost infrastructure and data security.

The VMware vSphere client is a web-based application connected to the vCenter Server for the purpose of managing installations and handling inventory objects in a vSphere deployment for IT administrators.

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About VMware ESXi

ESXi is a hypervisor at the core of the vSphere product suite. It is a Type 1 hypervisor, also called bare metal hypervisor that runs on the hardware of a host server without an operating system.

We provide VMware ESXI Certified Supermicro Servers that provide peace-of-mind in virtualising a wide range of resource-intensive applications.

ESXi hosts are licensed with vSphere licenses. This also means that the hosting capacity is determined by physical CPUs on the host and the number of cores in each physical CPU.

ESXI stands for ‘Elastic Sky X integrated’ by VMware as a platform for enterprise server virtualization.

ESXi works by providing a virtualization layer that integrates resources such as CPU, storage, memory and networking of a physical host into multiple virtual machines.
In addition, the hypervisor used by VMware ESXi is referred to as vmkernel. This receives the requests form virtual machines for resources and then presents the requests to physical hardware.

ESXI provides many benefits for both better business outcomes and IT savings such as:

  • Consolidationof hardware for higher capacity utilisation
  • Increases performance for a competitive edge
  • Reduces CapEx and OpEx
  • Greater efficiency through minimised hardware resources needed to run the hypervisor
  • Centralised management streamlines IT administration
  • VMware NSX Cloud

    VMware NSX Cloud allows consistent networking and security for applications that run natively in public clouds

    Explore NSX Hybird Cloud Adoptation

    About VMware NSX

    VMware NSX is a virtualization platform specialised for network, this platform enables the integration of virtual networks on physical networks and virtual server infrastructures.

    VMware NSX is a solution that encapsulates traffic that is normally sent to physical switches and routers inside an encapsulation protocol (such as STT, VXLAN, and GRE). Therefore being compatible with physical network hardware as it does not need to work with the network virtualisation.

    VMware NSX is a solution that takes networking services that were traditionally run on hardware – such as routing, firewalling, switching and load balancing, and integrates them into software. Virtualized networks helps companies stay competitive through the security and network virtualization, cost savings and time to market.

    VMware NSX has four different licensing editions: standard, advanced, enterprise and remote office/branch offices (ROBO). Each licensing tier cater to distinctive features and scenarios, and are licensed per CPU socket. Contact us for a consultation about which licensing option is best for your business operation.

    VMware Horizon

    A platform that delivers virtual desktops and apps efficiently and securely across hybrid cloud for the best digital user experience.

    Discover your journey to the Cloud with VMware Horizon
    VMware Horizon

    About VMware Horizon

    VMware Horizon is a virtual desktop infrastructure solution which can also fully integrate with the rest of VMware’s product line.

    The VMware Horizon VDI solution enables greater flexibility and security compared to terminal services, as user data is stored, managed, updated and backed-up centrally on virtualized servers.

    Based on VMware vSphere, Horizon uses the vSphere environment for virtual desktop hosting.
    User desktops are now run on ESXi hosts as VMs, and are able to connect virtual desktops through personal computers, and other devices such as smartphones or tablets.

    VMware Horizon can be categorised into three different licensing editions:

  • Horizon View Standard – Simple powerful VDI with great user experience
  • Horizon advanced Edition – Cost-effective delivery of desktops and applications through a unified workspace
  • Horizon Enterprise – Desktop and application delivey with closed-loop management and automation
  • Contact us for a consultation about which licensing option is best for your business operation.
  • VMWare vCenter

    A platform that delivers virtual desktops and apps efficiently and securely across hybrid cloud for the best digital user experience.

    Discover your journey to the Cloud with VMware Horizon

    About VMware vCenter

    VMware vCenter Server provides centralised management to vSphere virtual infrastructure. This provides IT administrators with security and availability, simplification in day-to-day tasks, and reduces the complexity of managing virtual infrastructure.

    VMware vCenter is used to deliver IT infrastructure at the lowest total costs and at the same time consistently meeting SLAs. With the main features of providing centralised and proactive management of virtual infrastructure, businesses are able to respond to requirements faster, at the best cost-efficiency.

    VMware vCenter works by providing a centralised management solution for virtualised hosts and virtual machines from a single console.
    This provides deep visibility into the configurator of critical components of the virtual infrastructure, maximises key capabilities of vSphere and provides extensible plug-in architecture to support a broad range of additional capabilities from VMware and its partners.

    Licensing a vCenter Server system requires a vCenter Server licenses that have per-instance capacity.
    VMware vCenter can be categorised into three different licensing editions:

  • Standard – Manages up to 2000 vSphere ESXi hosts
  • Foundation – Best suited for environments with no more than four vSphere ESXi hosts to manage
  • Essentials – Allows for management of up to three vSphere ESXi hosts
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