Our website can be used as a smart configuration tool for our comprehensive range of servers, storage, networking and IoT solutions. You are able to manually set each specification for configurations of all sizes and complexities, allowing for a simple user experience. Whether you need a IoT gateway server, a cost-effective application server, high-density HPC, GPU server, storage server, or data storage system, we made it easy for you to configure the exact solution you came here for.

Even if you aren’t able to find what you’re looking to configure, we have a dedicated configuration team around Australia and New Zealand to facilitate all of your requirements and solutions.

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The Configuring Process

  • Choose Your Product

Choose Your Product

From our comprehensive range of servers, storage systems, workstations and, IoT and embedded solutions on our website. Or utilise our advanced search or filter features to find the exact product you are looking for.

  • Configure Specifications

Configure Specifications

Select the specifications that suit your IT requirements from processors, memory, storage, network, operating system and more. For peace of mind, you are also able to add your warranty options at the end.

  • Get Your Quote or Add to Cart

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Now review the summary of your configured solution and simply request a quotation. We’ll email you the quotation and a dedicated account manager will get in contact with you shortly. Or add it to your cart with multiple systems to request multiple quotations at once or to reconfigure the solution in the future.