For over 25 years, we’ve built hundreds of relationships with suppliers, manufacturers and distributors in all industries. This allows us to provide you with wide range of third party services or consumer products, such as Smart TVs, Monitors, Chromecasts, etc, that you can’t find on our DiGiCOR website.

In the situation that you don’t know whom to contact or don’t have access to major brands, we can be the middle man to help handle the logistics and fulfil your order in whatever you’re looking for. Leave your ICT procurement to us!

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Our Third-Party Logistics Process

  • Consultation


Get in contact with us about the third-party services or consumer products desired. Our dedicated account manager will provide relevant information in our ability to provide what is wanted.

  • Discussion


We find the right supplier very easily and quickly to suit our clients demands. In addition, getting in contact with the supplier to confirm stock and the order requirements.

  • Confirmation


In confirming the order with our client and the supplier, we will provide order details and payments in order to create a seamless transaction between our client, DiGiCOR and the supplier.

  • Delivery


After confirming payments between all parties, the supplier may dropship the goods to the client or we are able receive the goods from our offices in each city throughout Australia and New Zealand and send it directly to the client.

Why choose Third Party Logistics with DiGiCOR?


Comprehensive line of the latest licenses

We have strong relationships with many industry-leading vendors, suppliers and distributors in various industries to help provide you with the complementary products you need.

Competitive Value

Competitive Value

Our strong relationships with vendors, suppliers and distributors provide highly competitive value for our clients.



The products supplied through third party logistics program come with their own manufacturing warranty terms (T&C applied).

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