Warranty Support and Services

We have a wide range of warranty options for business peace of mind under any circumstances that arise.

Dedicated RMA Warehouse

We have a dedicated DiGiCOR RMA warehouse throughout most metropolitan cities in Australia and New Zealand to give businesses faster, better support and further peace of mind. This means that clients don’t need to go through the hassle of getting in contact with the specific vendor, delivering and replacing faulty parts. Our convenient RMA warehouse allows our clients to just deliver or drop off faulty parts and we will easily replace them for pick-up or delivered back within SLA terms and conditions.

Warranty Service Options

Return to Base (RTB)

This is a 3 year, 9-5pm, Monday to Friday, business day* return to base hardware service. This warranty is only available to selected partners and designed for non-critical systems, where downtime does not significantly impact business operation. Hardware replacement parts are subject to stock availability.

Next Business Day (NBD) On-site Response

From 1st of April 2021, all systems assembled and sold by DiGiCOR comes standard with a 3 year Next Business Day Support available in 1/3/5 year terms, Next Business Day response, 9-5pm, Monday-Friday, Business days * on-site hardware service, email technical support, technician-to technician phone support. This service allows you to easily budget system maintenance where reasonable system downtime is allowed. Hardware replacement parts are subject to stock availability.

24/7 4hr On-site Response

Available in 1/3/5 year blocks, Features include 4-hour Response, 24 x 7 on-site hardware service, 24 x 7 Phone Support, email technical support and technician-to-technician phone support during business hours Monday to Friday business days*. Such service offers around-the-clock, rapid support for critical production systems. You should also consider the full system redundancy configuration to ensure the zero downtime if the system is in mission-critical applications.

Onsite Warranty Upgrades and Extensions

Available to all valid Service contracts, this option allows clients to modify their existing Service Contacts with either an Upgrade or an Extension of their current Warranty Status. Having this option available will benefit the client as needs change and Critical System downtime requirement transformation allowing you to extend the life time of your equipment. Subject to server history and stock availability.

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Our Warranty Process

  • Contact


Get in contact with us about your warranty situation and the issue at hand. Our dedicated RMA officer will provide relevant information in the process of resolving the warranty claim.

  • Confirmation


Clients will have access to the DiGiCOR customer portal through an emailed link, where they are able to submit their support ticket. We will confirm the SLA of the support ticket and offer a solution to the issue once confirmed. This could be a replacement component, diagnosis, or on-site services.

  • Delivery


In approving the warranty, we will ask for the faulty part or system to be delivered to our head office (RTB) and we will fix the solution or get our expert engineer to solve the issue on site.

Why Choose DiGiCOR?


Years of Experience in the Niche IT Industry

We have more than 20 years of experience in the niche enterprise IT hardware. Supporting thousands of clients in keeping their hardware running at maximum uptime and free-from-fault.


Dedicated RMA Warehouse

We provide the benefit of our RMA warehouse in Australia and New Zealand to locally replace parts and fix issues. This provides minimal down-time for clients that need support as soon as possible.



All our products come with a complimentary 3-year return-to-base warranty (T&C applied), with up to 5 years of 24/7 warranty upgrades available.

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