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Give your business the advantage of the latest cutting-edge technology. Digicor provides integrated ICT Infrastructure Solutions & Services to help your business gain positive results.

Appliances and OEM Solutions

DiGiCOR provides hardware and software solutions in the form of Appliance solutions and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) partnering solutions. It allows businesses to have cutting edge technology by way of enhancing their operations, thereby opening them to their industry niche market.

Appliances and OEM solutions offer, bundling of software and hardware solutions. We help you customise these appliances to suit your software needs enabling you to achieve more. This is a tailor-made solution, which is available for all software developers, solution providers Integrators, security consultants, etc. at a suited price point. We also provide you with the opportunity to partner with OEM branding and even offer unbranded packaging for customer utilisation.

DiGiCOR not only provides you with the appliance parts that are uniquely chosen from a variety of suppliers but also provides managed services and support for the solution. It also achieves these functions in an economically viable way, giving you the best budget sensitive option.

The customisable Supermicro Models:

  1. 5019A-FTN4
  2. 5019S-L


No other tier 1 offers you this solution

Multiple ATOM and Xeon-D offerings

Highly customisable as per your business needs

OEM branding and unbranded packaging available

Appliance parts uniquely selected from different suppliers

Design, managed and consultation services

GPU Computing-HPC Computing

GPU computing solutions is a powerful combination of solutions that are aimed at delivering high-performance computing and hyper-scale data-centric solutions for business optimisation. DiGiCOR offers high-density computing solutions for efficient computing, solving big data problems like- engineering, scientific and data analytics problem.

This form of high-computing can be used for various solutions, in universities and research field, HPC, Oil & Gas, video post-production, Artificial Intelligence and data analytics applications. It runs on ANSYS, ANSYS Maxwell, Fluent, CUDA, Tensorflow, Livelook, 3D AutoCAD, CFD server solutions. GPU computing also enhances performance and limits CPU limitations, thereby helping to improve software making performance more efficient. And DiGiCOR offers GPU computing services at a cost advantage technology, with better results than anyone else.

security and surveillance

8x GPU’s in a single 4RU server

Tier 1 vendors do not have 1RU 4x GPU to offer

Tier 1 vendors are not authorised to sell consumer GPU’s

Hosting Cloud Providers & Data Centres

DiGiCOR provides cloud and data centre services to enable multiple hosting systems and multiple storage platforms. Whether your business needs Hosting Providers, Managed Service Providers, Private Cloud Providers or Infrastructure as a service, we maximise computer performance, even when you are on a limited budget, thereby helping to balance price, while not compromising with the performance.

What sets us apart is our dedication to customer needs and our drive to match it, by providing highly dense computing solutions. Our team will help to customise hardware and components with unique Supermicro product’s offerings. In addition to this, our unique proposition is already competing with public cloud providers and delivering cost-effective backup storage solutions.

The customisable Supermicro Models:

  1. 2029TP-HTR
  2. F619P2-RC1
  3. 314E-220 + 6128R-T2X
  4. 847BE1C4-R1K23LPB + X10DRi

security and surveillance

Customised hardware and cloud providing solutions

Provides different pricing models

All the models are cost effective

The commodity hardware does not have a vendor lock-in limitation

Provides highly dense computing solutions

Security Surveillance

DiGiCOR understands the importance of security surveillance and hence provides up-to-date technology and ICT infrastructure solutions to deliver as per customer needs. It includes both end to end infrastructure and cloud infrastructure solutions which helps to understand the customers’ business, providing the plan for secure technological solutions under expert guidance. In addition to this, we add value by providing the latest technology with IP based security systems and analytics. This secure ICT infrastructure service helps to set up, run and optimise security surveillance.

Thus as we understand your needs, we help to provide the best-suited ICT infrastructure solution and services with extensive experience in design, deployment and managing high-performance computing solutions.

The customisable Models:

  1. CCTV-WKS-2D
  2. CCTV-WKS-4D
  3. CCTV-DIR1U-100C
  4. CCTV-ARCH2U-280C
  5. CCTV-ARCH2U-400C
  6. CCTV-ARCH4U-400C

security and surveillance

Video Post-Production and Video Rendering

Looking for Post Production solutions, 3D FX, Animation or Design? DiGiCOR provides you with the latest technology, which is customised, providing highly flexible workstation solutions. Its functions include having a large number of render nodes that utilise computer power, utilising computer resources to its maximum and enabling higher resolution image and video sourcing.

In addition to these features, we provide high-density storage which is also a very cost-effective option. It also has the ability to work with AMD EPYC based systems and also has the feature of high density render nodes.

The customisable Supermicro Models:

  1. SYS-2029TP-HTR
  2. SYS-7049GP-TRT
  3. BB-SBE720E-R75 + BB-SBi-7228R-T2X
  4. 847BE1C4-R1K23LPB + X10DRi

security and surveillance

Due to an increase in demand for GPU rendering, it favours GPU’s like GTX1080

The commodity hardware do not have a vendor lock in limitation

Provides highly flexible workstation solutions

Provides high density render nodes

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