We assemble and build all of servers and systems locally at our head office in Melbourne, Australia. This allows us to provide a high-quality assurance process over each build as we have more control over how everything is built, tested and sent out.

With quality before everything else, we run several tests on the systems that we locally assemble and to the systems that has been assembled by our vendors, helping us to ensure that the product will operate properly and meet your demands. Any server or solution that you purchase from DiGiCOR has a warranty sticker, which is our proof of quality and shows that it has undergone our thorough testing procedures.

DiGiCOR is proudly ISO 9001 Quality Management certified. This is the world’s most recognised quality management system, which has been achieved through our framework of ensuring consistent quality in our products.

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Our Building and Testing Process

  • Confirming the Solution


Once our dedicated account managers confirm the order and quotation, we begin the process with preparation. Initially checking current stock and ordering any necessary parts needed to prepare for the build.

  • Building the Solution


Now that we have all the required components for the build, our team of expert technicians at our Melbourne head office look to fully optimise the CPU, RAM, hard drives, RAID set-up and more, before they start the build for smooth deployment and seamless integration. All our systems are built and deployed from our head office.

  • Testing the Solution

Dedicated Experts

After building the solution, guided by Quality ISO 9001 standard, we run vigorous tests to ensure that the system and all its components are running optimally and are free-from-fault. Our testing procedures are also done in-house from our head office.